About GRD

About GRD – Superior Natural Protein Powder

GRD launched in 1988, is a trusted name in protein supplementation containing whey protein of high quality. It comes from the house of Zydus Nutriva, which is a division of Zydus Health Care Limited, Ahmedabad, specialized in marketing Third Generation Nutraceuticals.


GRD is rich in whey protein which is a Class 1 protein derived from Milk. GRD contains 30% Whey protein. Whey protein is the protein contained in the watery portion of milk that separates from the curds when making cheese.


Our belief is that with GRD - The Superior Protein we can help improve your protein quotient by boosting
your immunity and well being for a more active lifestyle.

  • Boost Immunity

    Boost Immunity

  • Provides energy

    Provides energy

  • Improves muscle health

    Improves muscle health

  • Improves cognitive performance

    Improves cognitive performance

  • Bridges Protein gap

    Bridges Protein gap

  • Overcomes fatigue

    Overcomes fatigue


GRD Lite

GRD Lite

GRD Lite - The Superior Protein is on the go protein snack with no added sugar and zero cholesterol. Each diskette offers 1.4 g protein and 20.14 Kcal.

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GRD Bix is a healthy, tasty protein snack which is easy to carry, easy to consume. 4 GRD BIX has protein equivalent to 1 glass of milk GRD Bix and is made up of high-quality protein.

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GRD Sugarfree

GRD Sugarfree

GRD Sugarfree offers the superior whey protein along with low fat and no added sugar to fullfill the protein requirement in management of life style disorders like diabetes and obesity. It contains dietary fibers preventing constipation and is enriched with 26 essential nutrients.

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GRD Smart

GRD Smart

GRD Smart offers the superior whey protein scientifically designed to fullfill the extra demand of protein and helps in optimal weight gain during pregnancy. Fortified with DHA for neuro-cognitive & retinal development along with Taurine which is the growth modulator for the foetus within.

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GRD contain the superior whey protein which contains all amino acids necessary for muscle growth and repair thus helping in building lean muscle mass, strong immunity. Fortified with 15 essential micronutrients making it beneficial for general weakness, anorexia, chronic illnesses and maintaining growth and health.

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Protein Requirement

  • protein powder for pregnant women

    Pregnant women

    Protein requirement during maternity and post-partum varies greatly, know your protein requirement by clicking on the button.

  • Weight Loss

    Weight Loss

    Did you know to become Fab from Fat you need some protein, get to know your protein requirements for weight loss.

  • best diet supplements for diabetics

    Diabetic Patients

    Living with Diabetes is manageable, but counting foods while doing it is a task, knowing your protein requirements helps in staying healthy and manage your sugar level with ease.

  • Health & Nutrition

    Health & Nutrition

    A sound mind resides in a sound body, for the body to be sound it should get the nourishment it needs. Check your protein requirement to achieve your health goals.

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